Membrane Filter Press

The membrane filter chamber are formed by mixed membrane filter plates and chamber filter plates,the feeding pump feed the sludge into the chamber and through the filtration of filter cloth,the solid and liquid are separeted.when the soilds formed the filter cake,then blow the air into the membrane to further dry the filter cake.
The membrane filter press is specially designed for viscous and glutinous material and who has higher requirements about moisture.
The filter plates are made of strengthened polypropylene (PP) by molding ,the membrane and PP filter plates are inlayed together to make it firm and stable and assure its long lifetime.Also it is equipped with multiple safty device,which assures the safty of the workers and the stable working of the filter press.
*Widely used for various applications incl mining,waste water treatment,chemical etc.
*Fully automatic
*High feed and squeeze pressure up to 16 bar as standard
*Work temperature up to 95 deg C
*Low operation cost,long life,easy to maintain and high efficiency
*Size from 630mmx630mm to 2000mmx2000mm
*Customized model and product are available